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Energy and Enviroment

Dynamic Simulations
CFD simulations
Economic studies and investment return

Design of energy optimization solutions
Energy certifications
Design of renewable energy systems

Design - Eletrical Installations

High/Medium/Low Voltage supply distribution networks
Power Transformer Stations and Emergency centrals
Uninterrupted Static Power systems design
Normal Low Voltage distribuiction networks
Lighting design concepts and lighting control 
Technical support in the definition of lighting design concepts 
Lightning protection.

Design - Commnunications

Structured cabling networks 
Intercommunication Networks 
Computer networks design
Sound systems and sound diffusion 
Distribution of TV signal
Multimedia conferencing systems, simultaneous interpretation and audiovisual 

Design - Fire Safety and Security

Integrated fire safety studies
Self-protection measures (MAP)
Active systems for fire detection
Intrusion systems (CCTV, Access Control, Alarm, Parks Control)
Fixed Extinguishing Systems 
Portable Extinguishing Systems

Design - HVAC, BMS and Lifts

Heat transmission factors studies

Thermal Loads Calculation

Techno-economic feasibility studies and solutions

Command and Control systems design

Equipment and networks design, specification and detail

Fluids distribuction networks

3D Modelling

Thermal and Energy regulation compliance studies

Building Managment Systems (BMS)

Design - Hydraulics

Water storage design, equipment and networks design

Hot water production design

Water treatment systems

Fire fighting networks

Equipment and networks design

Sewage treatment systems

Special sewage systems (Parking, Kitchen, Industrial)

Pluvial networks

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