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PROM&E Group

Company founded in 2006 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Consulting and Engineering Design sector.


With constant sustainable growth in the market, in 2012 it took another step in the diversification of activity. PRO2TEQ has emerged as a result of a natural expansion in Angola and Cape Verde.


PROM&E Group is also present in other markets, namely Mozambique, East Timor, Turkey.


It has extensive experience in Building Engineering Consulting, in each type of real estate projects (Retail, Hotels, Schools, Heatlhcare, Housing, Industrial)


The company has a methodology based on the following key ideas:


Human resources qualification


Collaborative work structure of project teams


High performance calculation tools / Latest design 2D / 3D software


Continuous technical training


Planning methods based on the PMBOOK® concept, the Project Management Institute


Research and development of new technical solutions adapted to each type of project


Based on the experience acquired along the years with a great number of developed projects, the company multidisciplinary team ensures that the Value Creation is effective, which manifests mainly in a suitable systems design, framed within the prescribed budget, with integrated coordination between the various disciplines, ensuring through interaction with the customer a quality of service, planning, compliance with the budgets and, crucially, a final cost optimization in all areas

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